Saturday, October 27, 2012

Ironing Board Cover

Not too long ago I was suddenly aware of how worn, scorched and ugly my ironing board cover was. (It was so ugly in fact that I failed to take a before picture.) Maybe if I washed it I could restore at least a glimmer of it's former "cuteness". I know... a cute ironing board cover? Well, I've always felt that if you have a chore to do that is not exactly a lightning rod of motivation, you might as well do what you can to improve your state of mind while doing it. It always helps me, to adjust my attitude, if cuteness reins. Washing my poor grungy, shabby, timeworn cover didn't do much to lift the ugliness from it so it was time to replace it. I went on a search for a cute cover, one that inspired attitude adjustment. Maybe it's because I live in a small community that my choices were limited, but all I could find were covers aimed at utility... nothing cute or beautiful.
At about the same time, I came across the "Hello Sunshine" collection at Connecting Threads and decided that the "Laundry Day" print would be perfect for a new cover. The "Sunkissed Flowers" in Cashmere Blue came in at a close second. (
The problem was, how? I googlized (is that a word?) how to make an ironing board cover and the Google Search Fairies came up with Eva Garlick's blog Sew Much Good... She has a fantastic tutorial that did not require a pattern, check it out here: This was a super easy project and it only took me maybe, two hours to make (if that).  I could have used my serger to stitch the casing onto the cover but I decided to use the overlock stitch on my regular sewing machine instead. I also decided to use a commercially made bias tape rather than making my own. I found that when I pulled up the elastic to snug the cover over the ironing board it was easier to distribute the tension in the elastic more evenly if I took the cover off a couple of times and distributed the gathers before replacing it on the board...  Anyway, I now find myself looking for things to iron! I can't believe it! I wonder... how long is this going to last?


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