Wednesday, October 17, 2012

This blog was inspired by a comment that my niece Erin made a while back. She told me that she would love to spend some time with me learning some of the things I know about sewing, cooking, homemaking etc...  It's been a couple of years now since Erin told me this so the idea of blogging has been brewing for some time now. I have to admit I wonder if people really want to hear what I have to say and maybe it doesn't really matter...
How did I decide what to call my blog? There is a creek that runs through my property and depending on what map you're looking at it is called Calico Creek or it is called Muslin Creek. We had some business with the State Water Master a few years ago and learned that it is in fact Muslin Creek. Why name my blog "At Home on Calico Creek"? I guess because I like the sound of it better and I think of calico as being more colorful than muslin, more interesting. Besides, I do live on Calico Creek if you're looking at the right map! Anyway, this is it... the beginning of something new. My next post will be all about making pie.        


  1. Beautiful blog. I'm looking forward to your upcoming pie post. I'm guessing your kitchen will yet again be filled with the scent of fresh hot fruit pie. The resultant clinking spoon on plate pie eating party is eagerly attended by the devotees of Laura's kitchen! :)

  2. Yes, the "locals" will be enjoying a clinking spoon, plate lick'n good, pie party soon!